About Us

We are One church with One Vision, to share the good news of Jesus and to serve our community.

The Wrangthorn and Church @ Hyde Park Corner communities are a group of people who come from different backgrounds, are at different stages of life, have different interests and views, yet are a united family.

At the heart of all we do are the values of knowing, being and sharing the hope of the good news of Jesus, which motivates us to serve our neighbourhood.

Wrangthorn church is ideally located on Hyde Park corner, in the middle of the communities of Hyde Park, Wrangthorn and Woodhouse. We’re proud to be part of the thriving and dynamic community around us. Because of the Good News, we serve our community. We try to follow Jesus’ teachings, which call us to help our neighbours: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ Mark 12.31

Wrangthorn is part of a team of three churches: St George’s, Holy Trinity Boar Lane, and St Augustine’s Wrangthorn. We hope that each person will feel rooted in one church while recognising our role in resourcing one another.

St George’s is a resource church with a vision to preach Jesus, make disciples, serve the city, and send out leaders. Holy Trinity is a vibrant weekday centre of worship, prayer and mission, reaching out to the 60,000 workers in Leeds city centre.