About Us

St James's is within the Stanwick Group of Churches Benefice. Please click on 'More Information' in the menu to the left to see the rest of the benefice. Please also check our benefice website for details of services as in a joint benefice circumstances may make it necessary to depart from the normal service routine. Look at the Calendar page for this month to confirm details of date, time and venue of services.

Melsonby has 4 bells and now has a band which has reintroduced ringing to the parish. They meet on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to about 7,45pm. As most of the band are fairly new to ringing, any visits from experienced ringers are very welcome. The bells were rung in March 2012 by a visiting band from Holy Trinity, Wall Street, New York during a 'tower-bagging' tour of northern England.

If you want to arrange a wedding or baptism St James' use this link to send a request for details

If your guests are unused to attending church, contact here for details on a local church wedding choir who can support the hymn singing and sing anthems for the congregation during the signing of the registers. Several members sing in our churches regularly but may bring in additional singers for weddings.

The PCC at Melsonby is currently embarking on an ambitious project to install toilet and kitchen facilities in the church and reorder the interior to make it more usable by the community as a whole. It currently provides a home for the village stock of library books. As well as a DVD History of Melsonby, price £10, all of which will go to the St James' Building Fund they also have a Just Giving page for donations to finance this project. The Faculty has recently been granted so the fund raising really has started in earnest.