Why give? 

Because everything we have belongs to God, and everything we have received comes from Him. Because joyful, generous giving liberates us. Because wealth can be an idol, and sacrificial giving breaks its power. Because the local church is the hope of the world, and needs resourcing. Because we believe in the future, and in the next generation. Because giving reflects our obedience to God, and trust in His leading. 

What does giving to your church say? 

I am part of this movement. I can give to many things, but the only people who will give to the kingdom and discipleship vision of St Mark’s is the St Mark’s community. No church is perfect, and no vision is complete, but I can’t wait until it is before I give. I belong – I am not leaving others to resource our church.

How much is a good amount?

The Bible teaches about tithing – giving away a tenth of what God has given you – but this is not a rule, instead it’s a springboard for generosity. The Church of England asks people for 5% of income if possible as a guidance amount, and this is a realistic target for us if we are going to develop mission and ministry. We have 220 regular givers at St Mark’s who give an average of £25 a week at present. However, this year we have had to make cuts, rather than being able to develop ministry, due to increasing costs and some significant givers moving on. So everyone who commits to cheerful, sacrificial giving is really needed.

What does it go towards?

❤ Furthering the mission of the church – which involves enabling hundreds to worship God week by week, helping people to grow in faith, investing in mission, in the next generation, working across the town with others…

❤ We employ a youth pastor

❤ Half goes to paying for leadership and ministry through our share – also funding churches in less well-off areas.

❤ We give away a tenth of income to mission locally and around the world.

❤ We fund the church building and operations team.

How to give

Give by Standing Order - Click here for our giving leaflet with standing order and Gift Aid forms. Regular giving is good for the church – in that we can plan effectively – and good for you, in that you can budget more easily and make sure it is happening.

Give a one-off donation -  Click to go to our one off giving page  OR  Click below with your mobile device camera or QR code scanner to give a one-off donation

Thank you so much for belonging to this church. May you be blessed in receiving and giving as part of this community.

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