About Us

St James Nether Worton is part of the Benefice of Westcote Barton with Steeple Barton, Duns Tew and Sandford St Martin, and Over with Nether Worton, known as the Barton Benefice.

Officially a chapel of ease, St James is a beautiful and lovingly cared for church in a small village tucked into a valley.  The church is joined to the old schoolhouse, which in turn is joined to Church Cottage. 

There are memorials in the church to the Wilson (19th century) and Schuster (20th century) families. High on the tower is a stone bearing an inscription that seems to read "Robert E Parsons 1630".  On the interior northwest wall is an unfinished sketch of a copy of Raphael's "The Hill of Calvary".  High on the interior west wall are the Royal Arms. 

There are several services each Sunday in the Benefice – to find out what services are held when and where, please see our website.

The website also has details about our clergy, bell ringers, choir and special events.