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Special Services 2018

A few special dates to save in your diary for next year (yes, we are organised!)

24th June - Animal Service - please bring any pets along to receive a blessing and join in!

1St July - Kelly Sunday

5th August - Lammas

9th September - Celebration of Marriage

23rd September - Harvest Thanksgiving

28th October - Souls of the Faithful Departed


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Still not sure about joining us? Why not have a look at the reason our dedicated Treasurer, George Burne, attends St Leonards

Why I go to St Leonard’s Church, Chelsham

We have had a home in Woldingham since 1961. I used to attend St Paul’s and all our children were christened there. One day Keith Chaundy asked me to play cricket for St Leonard’s team in a match against a team from All Saint’s Church, Warlingham. This was the first time I had heard of St Leonard’s and a number of years passed before I went there. However, in the 1990’s I started infrequently to attend St Leonard’s services and ceased to go to St Paul’s.

In 1997, we were sent by my company to Vancouver, and Albert Hoey would send me copies of the Parish Magazine. I heard that there were problems with the 700 year-old bell in the tower so I sent a donation. Following this, the money was raised to rehang the bell and its wonderful sound can be heard to this day. When I returned from Canada, I started to attend St Leonard’s more regularly and on the sad death of Owen Cooper, I was asked to take on the responsibility of Treasurer; a position I still undertake.

Why did I change my allegiance? Am I a rebel or a refugee? I suppose we all seek comfort and support in our worship. St Leonard’s is a very holy place. People have been worshipping since 1280 and the very stones speak of those who have taken communion there. The steps to the altar are worn down by the thousands who have trod on them. The stained glass windows are beautiful and provide inspiration. The font is 700 years old. I like the use of the Book of Common Prayer with the wonderful words I remember from my earliest days. The congregation, though small, is very friendly and we all enjoy a cup of coffee after the service with one of Nancy Marsh’s delicious cakes.

I will leave the last word to another Woldingham resident who said ‘St Leonard’s is a good place to pray in’. Why don’t you join me and see if your prayers are answered?

George Burne, 2016