'Faith in Nature'

Is there hope? It's a question that I am often asked as a pioneer minister / priest. 

One area that here in Hoby we have discovered is that more and more people are fast waking up to the reality of the environmental crisis. People want to act themselves and they want governments to act too.  In the last eighteen months we have been exploring God's creation through nature. Here in Hoby we have a unique potential to make a positive impact on the environmental cirrus locally and nationally if we act together, drawing on the Bible, science and the resources we do have, working collaboratively with others. Care for creation is central to the Christian Faith. Looking at the Bible with fresh eyes we find we can understand things is new and exciting ways. All Saints has achieved Bronze Award for Eco Church through making changes. Throughout the year we hold  gatherings with like minded people who have an interest is Gods creation, we have realised that these changes can help people in a positive way.  

During lockdown we let our churchyard grow and we discovered new plants, bees and insects which we are now doing intentional rewilding with bugs houses and a bee hive to come.  We have the only Daubenton’s bat maternity roost in Leicestershire and Rutland along with and Pipistrelle bats and swifts. We are developing  our worship and gatherings around creation, providing a Christian perspective and a biblical bassi for Christian action. Please do get in touch for more information. We would love to hear from you! 

Reverend Crystal