Frisby-on-the-Wreake: St Thomas of Canterbury

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of the Upper Wreake is looking for people to fill 2 posts : see below.


The treasurer of the PCC when elected becomes a member of the Standing Committee of the PCC. They work closely with the Parish Priest, the Vice Chair of the PCC and the Secretary of the PCC.

The treasurer does not have to be a member of any of the DCC’s nor a regular worshipping member in the Upper Wreake church family. As such it is possible to co-opt them to be a member of the PCC. However if they are not a member of the Church of England they would not be able to take part in any PCC decisions which require a vote.

The main duties of the Treasurer are as follows :

· Annual Accounts which includes calling in of the District Church Council (DCC) accounts for each of 6 Upper Wreake parish villages.

· Working with the Independent Examiner for the PCC to collate those figures in to a single report ready for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

· To lodge the Accounts for the Parish when approved by the APCM with the Dioceses & Charity Commission and also to update the records of the Charity held by the Commission.

· Work with the South West Framland (SWF) Group Administrator to oversee funds held by SWF which are for the benefit of the Upper Wreake.

· The treasurer also maintains an interest in the finances of SWF to give oversite to the smooth running of SWF for the Upper Wreake and her partners of the Burrough Hill Parishes benefice and the South Croxton Group benefice.

· The treasurer addresses other issues that may arise from time to time and which are directed to the PCC as a registered Charity.


The main duties of the PCC Secretary are as follows :

· Supporting the Priest/Rector in their role and making him/her aware of what members would like to be on the Agenda for PCC meetings

· Being a member of the Standing Committee which sets the Agenda

· Liaising with clergy regarding any correspondence received such as from the Diocese which may be relevant to a PCC meeting

· Making sure that Reports are received in good time before meetings

· Liaising with clergy in determining the final Agenda

· Emailing the Agenda and all supporting documentation to members of the PCC at least 1 week prior to the meeting and longer if possible

· Making a note of Apologies for meetings

· Taking the minutes of meetings

· Emailing minutes of the PCC meeting to members

Both posts would be subject to the Safer Recruiting process.

Please apply to Simon Blake (Vice Chair PCC) email [email protected] phone 01664 434580 or Rev’d David Harknett [email protected] ,phone 01664 434517. 

St Thomas Church , Frisby .

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