Burials and Family History

Burials at St. Lawrence

The graveyard at St Lawrence is now closed. It is now the responsibility of Wycombe District Council who maintain the grounds. Burials and internments of ashes are only possible into existing family graves. There can be no more new graves or ashes plots. West Wycombe Parish Council now run a burial ground in West Wycombe Village (just behind St Paul's Church). This is only open to residents of the civil parish of West Wycombe.

Finding graves in St Lawrence Churchyard

We are often asked about locating graves in the churchyard. This is sometimes possible. We do have a list of all graves with a monument on them and are gradually building up some details of the many unmarked graves there. Generally speaking the older the grave the harder it is to find. The burial registers are held back to 1938. All the other records are now in the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies at Aylesbury. They are very helpful and used to family history requests. It is rare to find that an exact burial plot is recorded in the register, although that has been done for the more recent burials and internments.

However, every effort is made to locate a grave but this is sometimes just not possible. We can usually give a general area in these cases even if we cannot identify the actual plot.

If you would like any help with this please contact Churchwarden Alison Rimmer on 01494 713447.