About Us

We are a Church of England church aiming to be active and make a positive difference to you and our local community in Wokingham. We are an open and approachable church where you can be yourself and feel at home, get involved in a wide range of activities, or simply be present in our worship of God at Sunday or weekday services.

We have a vision to be a church full of life, love and energy. We aim to offer a friendly and stimulating community for you, your family and friends to engage with; whether or not you would think of yourself as religious or a “church-goer”.

We are here to celebrate or support you and your family in key times of life’s journey – christenings, weddings, funerals; and be a community of spiritual and emotional support when times are tough.

We offer many opportunities for prayer, learning and exploration of being and living with faith in God and the person of Jesus Christ.

We are a great community for children and young people. There are many events and activities for families with young children to enjoy being part of the church, having fun and meeting new friends; during the week as well as on Sundays.

We offer a wide range of worship services from Common Worship Contemporary language Eucharist to informal  family worship. The priesthood of women is highly valued here. Theology is inclusive and holistic in emphasis. Preaching is of a high standard with well-prepared sermons. There is a large congregation at the 9.30am Parish Communion. You will be made very welcome. Children are welcome. Please note we are currently meeting in The Cornerstone centre next to the church whilst the church is being refurbished. The church is temporarily closed until spring 2023.