Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Blithfield

The Organ

The first organ at Blithfield was built in 1865 by an unknown builder. In 1895 it was rebuilt and extended into a two-manual instrument by Alfred Kirkland of London.

The present organ, a two-manual and pedal instrument, was a second rebuild and extension in 1964 under the guidance and inspiration of the Rev. Stanley Towlson, the incumbent at the time. The work was undertaken by John Oakes & Co. of Blythe Bridge and entailed moving the organ to its present position, high up at the back of the nave under the tower, with a new electro-pneumatic action and electric stop-tab console. The extension brought the total number of pipes to 1080.

The organ is currently maintained by John Oakes & Co.

Manual compass is C to c4 (61 notes).   Pedal compass is C to g1 (32 notes)

Stop List (Note: * denotes stops from the Kirkland rebuild of 1895, some of which were revoiced). The other stops were added in the 1964 extension.

1. Bourdon 16ft
2. Open Diapason 8ft*
3. Clarabella 8ft*
4. Gedackt 8ft
5. Dulciana 8ft*
6. Principal 4ft*
7. Flute 4ft*
8. Fifteenth 2ft
9. Nazard 22/3ft
10. Tierce 11/3ft
11. Horn 8ft (from No 19)

12. Gamba 8ft*
13. Stopped Diapason 8ft*
14. Vox Angelica 8ft*
15. Vox Celeste 8ft*
16. Gemshorn 4ft*
17. Twelfth 22/3ft
18. Piccolo 2ft
19. Horn 8ft
20. Oboe 8ft

21. Sub-bass 32ft
22. Bourdon 16ft*
23. Echo Bourdon 16ft
24. Bass Flute 8ft

I. Swell Super-octave
II. Swell Sub-octave
III. Swell to Great
IV. Swell Super-octave to Great
V. Swell Sub-octave to Great
VI. Swell to Pedal
VII. Great to Pedal

Four double-touch adjustable combination thumb and toe pistons to Great and Swell divisions. First touch is for the Great and Swell division stop combinations – the second touch controls the pedal stop combinations.

Double touch reversible thumb and toe pistons for the Great to Pedal and Swell to Pedal couplers.

Concave and radiating 32 note pedal board.

Balanced, electric swell pedal.


The wind pressure is 3.5 inches water gauge supplied by an 20" Acorn blower.   The Horn stop is voiced at a higher pressure of 6 inches.

Electro-pneumatic action. (15volt DC).

The display pipes are from the Open Diapason (No 2) and Bourdon (No 22) stops.

The organ`s registration number in the National Pipe Organ Register is D04388.