Church of England Diocese of Lichfield Aldridge

About Us

Welcome to Aldridge Parish Church!
Our church is one of the three Anglican churches in Aldridge. Click on the link 'Our other churches' below for more information on the other two.

Within our church family we have a range of ages and each member is encouraged to worship God in a way that is right for them. Our normal services would include Sunday morning services that are more family based and we aim to be contemporary and relevant.
Sunday Evenings are also contemporary with a preference to guitar led worship which is more free and appeals to the worshipper who enjoys less structure. Wednesday morning service which is a quieter mid week service. 

Due to Covid-19 our normal services, don't look so 'normal' at the moment, we are delighted that we can now meet and worship in church (no singing though). Currently our services are  Sunday at 9.15am and on Wednesday 10.30am.  Our virtual services continue each week and can be found on our website

Our style of worship is: Evangelical - open to the renewing work of the Holy Spirit.