About Us

A warm welcome awaits you at any of our Services or Events. Our beautiful Church is nestled in the picturesque Peak District National Park. We are a small and close-knit community of faithful.

The Church dates from 1820 and was extended and refurbished in 1908; with the extension of the Chancel and the addition of simple pine benches and the organ.

Whilst a Church and Christianity is not about the tangible and majestic things in life, it is about faith, fellowship and spreading the love and word of God to all;our humble church is blessed with historical and beautiful items  which  have been worked or donated, by people from the past, to the memory of loved ones and to give glory and thanks  to God.

The clock in the tower dates from 1837 and was made by Francis Abbot of Manchester.

The rare mosaics surrounding the two chancel windows, it is believed, were worked by Italian prisoners during World War Two, who were billeted nearby. Apparently they worked at night and kept their work under wraps until it was completed. The mosaic reredos is a later addition and was designed to match the windows. 

The unique Altar frontals, Lectern and Pulpit falls in all of the liturgical colours were commissioned by Lady Harpur-Crewe and worked by the Leek Embroidery Society in memory of Elizabeth Wardle.

The stunning Stained Glass  windows were designed and produced by William Morris and Company. The trripartite window in the chancel, above the altar, depicts the Crucifixion of Christ on the living tree, with his mother Mary and John the Apostle at his side. Whilst the ones to the side depict the Parable of the Sower and the figure of St Lawrence, the Patron Saint of the Church. The window shows St Lawrence with his alms and gridiron by his feet. The  window to the left of the nave depicts St Michael, the patron Saint of Soldiers, slaying the devil and is dedicated to the memory of those fallen in the First World War. The window on the right shows the story of Jacob's dream.

The Harpur Crewe family of Calke Abbey Derbyshire have close affiliations to Warslow and the Church. They built Warslow Hall in 1830 and used it as their home during the shooting season. Whilst they were in Warslow they attended the Church, they were generous patrons and benefactors.Their family pew can be found to the right of the lectern upolstered in green silk.

Annual Events

Our popular Flower Festival is staged throughout the church, starting on the first Saturday in August, Flowers are arranged, around a theme, by local ladies and children. Please join us to enjoy the displays and home made refreshments.


If you want to know more about the church, its history or would like to attend an event please contact us, we will be happy to help you.