About Us

Welcome to St James Church Brownhills.  Welcome Home: Church is a Family Following Jesus!  We are a wholehearted church family who are aiming to grow in our love for God, in our openness to one another, and in our discipleship.  We have varied services on Sundays to serve the needs of those of all ages and backgrounds.  For example, traditional BCP Holy Communion, Common Worship Holy Communion, Celebration Services, All-Age services, and Services where Prayer Ministry & an emphasis on healing features prominently.

We have easy access for wheelchair users through our main entrance, and our toilets have baby changing facilities inside them.   In the entrance are of the church building (the Fellowship Room area), we have an area for hospitality, complete with a kitchen area.

At St James', Brownhills & Holy Trinity, Clayhanger our vision is to be followers of Jesus who:  1. Worship God as our top priority.    2. Come together to learn more about God's Kingdom.  3.Celebrate being a family made up of all backgrounds and ages. 4. Openly share the gospel with others with respect, yet unashamedly. 5.Serve the local community through loving acts of kindness.

Sunday services: -

8am:    BCP Communion -The 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month.

10am:  All-Age Service - 1st Sunday, Common Worship Communion 2nd & 4th Sundays, Celebration Service 3rd Sunday, WoW (Worship our Way) led by our children & young people on the 5th Sunday.

6.30pm: Evening Worship 2nd Sunday & Service of Remembering on the 4th Sunday. 

Alternate Wednesdays: 10.15am Holy Communion.

Mid-week activities: -

Heart of Worship choir & worship team (Tuesday evenings at church), discipleship groups (happening Tuesdays-Thursdays at members' homes), Puppets Ministry Group (Wednesdays 6.45 -8 pm at the Church Hall), Tuesday Place of Welcome (10 am - 1 pm).  At our Place of Welcome we provide hot drinks and towards the end of the morning, soup and toast from November 2022 to February 2023)

Life's most Key Events: -

We regularly hold Weddings, that can involve informal support and care in the run up the happy day for you.

We also provide a well-rounded funerals ministry.  When a loved one dies we want all families coming to us to receive a funeral to experience God's care, comfort and peace through the funeral, and families are invited to a memorial services within 4 months of the death of the loved one.

Lastly, we offer Baptisms and Thanksgiving.  We want to celebrate with you the birth of your child, and to celebrate the new life Jesus brings us, during a Baptism service, or to give thanks for your child at a service of Thanksgiving if you'd prefer that.