About Us

Our Mission Statement is: The Church of the Good Shepherd exists to share the good news of Jesus and His love for the people of Low Hill. We have been doing this since 1929 when the first Mission Church was commissioned as the Low Hill housing estate was being built.

The original church was destroyed by fire in 1946 and replaced by a REEMA PRC construction (a pre-fabricated reinforced concrete building) in 1956. Owing to structural problems, this was demolished, and the church community relocated to the building alongside, 'The Shepherd Centre'. This church-owned, two-story, community building was built next to the church and opened in 1989. 

Work was undertaken in 2000 to extend the building to provide a sanctuary and vestry downstairs, and a large meeting room upstairs. This then is the Church at the Centre, more than a building, we are a vibrant fellowship whose worship has richness and depth through words, music, and prayer which impacts our lives and the lives of others.