Parish of Chesterton

Safeguarding policy and procedures March 2019


The PCC will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of the children and young people for whom it bears responsibility.


1. Miss Wendy Blantford is our approved Parish Safeguarding Officer.

2. She is the point of contact through which concerns about protection of Children and vulnerable adults will be channelled.

3. She is responsible to the PCC for ensuring that these procedures are implemented.

4. The PCC is directly responsible for the following groups which include children and young people and vulnerable adults:

• J711 – Monthly

• Timeout & Toast - Weekly

• HTCC – Weekly

• God’s Little Explorers – Weekly

• Tea & Chat – Monthly

• Games/Reflection – Monthly

• Holiday Club – Annually

• Pastoral Team - Ongoing

5. Any groups who hire the Church Hall for activities which involve children and vulnerable adults will be required to satisfy the PCC that they have a suitable safeguarding policy.

6. Validation: Leaders aged 18 or over working with children and young people or vulnerable adults:-

• Applicants will be required to complete the parish’s Confidential Declaration and Application forms.

• Applicants will be required to provide two references.

• Applicants will be subject to the parish appointment procedure.

• Successful applicants must sign the parish contract for children/youth workers.

• Before appointment or the continuation of any appointment, appointees will need to apply for and supply enhanced clearance from the DBS.

7. Churchwardens, Leadership Team, Prayer Ministry Team members, All Age family worship leaders and all those who have regularly contact with Children/vulnerable adults will be required to:

• Complete the parish’s Confidential Declaration form.

• Provide two references.

• To apply for and supply enhanced clearance from the DBS.

8. Completed declaration forms and references will be confidential to and securely held by the Incumbent or, in the event of a vacancy, by the Rural Dean or Archdeacon.

9. The PCC will use the Disclosure & barring service for checking leaders’, churchwarden’s criminal records. This will be done via the Diocesan Office, St Mary’s House, The Close, and Lichfield.

10. The PCC will approve annually:

• The leaders authorised to work with the groups listed in 4 above.

• Details of each group’s normal meeting/working pattern and the age range it covers.

11. Every third year, starting in 2005, the PCC will make available training in safeguarding. Details of up to date training can be obtained from PSO.

12. The PCC will publish on the notice boards at the back of church and in the church hall, a copy of the Safeguarding Good Practice poster and what to do in the event of a safeguarding issue Flow Chart. In addition, all validated leaders, and all those mentioned in 6 & 7 above will be given a copy.

13. The PCC will work to the Church of England documents: Protecting all God’s Children, Promoting a Safe Church and safeguarding Guidelines relating to safer recruiting process.

14. The PCC will carry public liability insurance and will insure all leaders and staff for personal accident.

15. The PCC will make a copy of this policy and its procedures available, if requested, at the Archdeacon’s visitation.

16. This Policy and its procedures will be monitored by the Parish Safeguarding Officer who will report to the PCC annually.

17. The PCC will review the policy and its procedures annually in the month of June.

Signed by Incumbent: Rev Simon Boxall


By Parish Safeguarding Officer: Wendy Blantford


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