About Us


The purpose of Holy Trinity Church is to witness to the Christian faith and to proclaim the Gospel: through prayer and preaching; through service to the community of Hartshill and its visitors; and through careful stewardship of the Church heritage in its worship and its fabric.

The Church has been, from the consecration in 1842, a source of spiritual light in the centre of Hartshill; and its members seek to allow the light of Christ to shine ever brighter by:

·         Providing a variety of opportunities for worship that gives glory to God, that is rooted in the Bible, and that enables the widest range of people possible to encounter Him.

·         Striving to become a Spirit-led family, nurtured and renewed by prayer, study and mutual support, and expressing the quality of our life together by our service to the wider community and by our willingness to share our faith with others.

·         Encouraging all our members in their witness and in the development of their spiritual gifts and skills, affirming them in their Christian service, and providing training and support as needed.

·         Caring for the needs of families; fostering the spiritual growth of children and young people, with the aim of helping them to a personal commitment to Christ.

·         Welcoming visitors with sincerity and warmth; interpreting to them the building and the faith that brought it into being; and providing a spiritual oasis where people can be aware of the presence of God and share in prayer and worship.

·         Developing an active concern for the life of the community; showing God's involvement in it by hosting special services; helping in areas of local need; and acting wherever possible ecumenically.

·         Building links with Christians overseas; welcoming members of overseas churches; offering informed prayer.

·         Letting our Church witness for Christ by faithfully conserving the precious heritage of its fabric; by our care in revealing its beauty and explaining its history; and by the quality of the welcome we offer within it.

·         Responding to God's love for us by giving, so that our stewardship may truly reflect the depth of our commitment to Christ.