About Us

LONGTON PARISH CHURCH, in the city of Stoke-on-Trent

Standing tall on a bluff just out of the middle of the town, St James' Church, Longton, looks every inch the mother church of the area.  Built in 1834, it pre-dates the Victorian age; but recent restoration and re-ordering have made it a magnificent setting for the spiritual life of the Christian community, as well as a welcoming place for community activities.  It is in use seven days a week for activities as diverse as slimming groups and the Brownies; for sad occasions like funerals, or glorious celebrations like weddings; for quiet prayer, and for the splendour of Benediction.

We serve a community of 11,000 people, including some of the very neediest neighbourhoods in the country.  We are a congregation who enjoy the Eucharist, welcome strangers, and delight in loving and helping one another and those in need.