About Us

The Parish of Meir Heath & Normacot.

Parish Priest: Fr. David W McHardy

The Churches of St Francis, St Matthew and The Holy Evangelists together exist as a vital part of the Anglican Diocese of Lichfield, within the Deanery of Stoke-on-Trent, to foster confident congregations committed to the reception and proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by worship and action.

We seek to support, encourage, resource and assist individual church members to work and witness more effectively in their respective families and places of work, but also to manage the major challenges at present facing the national and local church at grass roots level.

We aim, by careful consideration, to extend the Kingdom of God within our parish, to build up and encourage all who seek God in our places of worship, giving value to all who worship with us as members of the household of faith.

Finally, we seek to foster a quality of church life that balances dignity and spontaneity, and to encourage all people, young and old, within our churches and beyond on their spiritual journey. We seek to be faithful stewards of all that God has entrusted to us in the rich heritage which is ours here in Meir Heath, Rough Close and Normacot.