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Messy Church at home- Love yourself through Lent

15 Feb 2021, 3 p.m.
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Dear All

Who would have thought almost 12 months ago that this Lent we would STILL be unable to get together!

Lent allows us the chance to give God a little more room in our lives. On the face of it could sound as though a Christian’s life is a bit dull and boring, depriving us of things – chocolate, cakes, biscuits etc, but it is great when we get back to all our favourite things at Easter! However, we need to add things too, and Eleanor has lots of suggestions. This year, with Covid making life harder than we have ever known in our lifetime, we have to be kind to ourselves – Eleanor , has suggestions for this too – if we don’t look after ourselves, we are in no position to care for others. Jesus knew this, and made sure He rested, enjoyed the company of friends, and laughed a lot.

With love and prayers

Delphine x

Activity at home

Hope you and the family are well - hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day and are planning what you're going to have on your pancakes tomorrow - my favourite is chocolate spread with strawberries!

Lent starts this Wednesday and lasts for 40 days so the chart attached "Love yourself through Lent" gives you lots of ideas of things you can do to be kind to yourself in these difficult times as well as thinking of others too.

You could bake some cakes and share with an elderly neighbour or get creative and make a greeting card for your grandparents.

You could also watch a favourite film, phone a friend or tell a joke and have a good laugh.

The chart is a coloured version and also in black and white so you could colour in the hearts as you do the activity or just colour in the whole chart. Hope you enjoy - by the way the whole family can join in.

Church services

Just to let you know that church services in both Acton and Bednall are suspended for the time being and this will be reviewed at the beginning of March, with guidance from Lichfield. You can still join in the Sunday Zoom services at 11am and there is also an additional one for Ash Wednesday 17 February at 5.30pm - just phone Delphine or Roger on 01785 714527 or email [email protected] to be sent the zoom link.

Until we meet up again, take care, stay safe God Bless

Eleanor, Delphine and the Messy Church Team