Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Luke, Tittensor

At last - the ad is up for a new vicar for Tittensor!

4 May 2021, 4 p.m.
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You can see some of the details for the advertisement attached to this news item.  Three parishes, including Tittensor, share a vicar in what is called a 'benefice'.  So representatives from the parishes have spent a lot of time discussing and agreeing what they think is needed in the one full-time paid role in the benefice.  Of course, different places and different people have different needs but we all remain of the belief that God will guide the right person to us and that the many volunteers and believers will find someone with whom they can collaborate and bear fruit, as we are told we should.

The times are stranger than ever and no one underestimates the scale of need in our communities, with individuals, groups and families devastated by the events of the last eighteen months.  We pray for God's healing presence and for guidance that will bring us all through to better times for all.  Amen