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15th August 2021 Newsletter available now

14 Aug 2021, 7 p.m.
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With events following one another quickly in Tittensor this month, who can find the time to go away?  You can see a few of them mentioned above and the Newsletter contains even more, with, as ever, some pauses for thought.  I recommend the story that Doreen has published since it puts a lot into perspective.

At long last, we think that we can see a time when Tittensor Tots will resume.  It has been a hard time for parents and carers, as many have been forced to stay at home or to only be outdoors with children.  With the return of Tittensor Tots, they will have a place to meet safely and talk again whilst the children socialise and play.  Every time we walk into St Luke's and look at the words written on the font, we are reminded of Jesus telling his disciples that they must let the children through to be with him and not treat them as second class citizens.  6th September is the restart date but please first make contact with Freda to book a place.

It has been great to see people of all ages in the church building over the last few weeks, as the 'Music for a Summer Afternoon' event was followed by the Celebration Cream Tea, the Teddy Bears Picnic and the Summer Café mornings.  Those Summer Cafés will continue through August and will blend in with a Sausage Sizzle BBQ on 29th August and the Quiz Night on 3rd September.  Each of the events so far has seen everyone from the tiniest tot to some of the less young members of the community, along with visitors from afar.

As we move into late summer and autumn, there will be further events and we aim to open the church doors daily again soon.  St Luke's is a place for everyone, from the occasional visitor to the regular worshipper, and is there to help build up each one of us and to hold the community together.   Whoever you are and for whatever reason you come, you are welcome.