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5th September Newsletter - Read all about it!

4 Sep 2021, 9 a.m.
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In the latest Newsletter, Revd Noreen Russell reflects on the pleasures and privileges of being able to live in the Tittensor area, noting that many elswhere are not so fortunate and that in Tittensor there remain many needs.

There has been a tremendous effort to bring St Luke's back into the community after such a long period of enforced closure.  This has required many people to donate time and other resources and there is a realisation that these gifts come first from God.  It has been wornderful that people then return these gifts to help build the community and increase the Christian presence.

Even so, maintaining the Church presence in Tittensor requires constant effort and we celebrate that in a Gift Day service on Sunday 5th September.  This is a time when we can publicly thank all the volunteers, donors and those who sustain us with their presence and friendship.  It is also a time when we can offer people the numerous opportunities that there are to help keep that Church presence strong now and for the future.

If you can't make the service, please take a look online either live or as a recording, so that you can put faces to some of the tasks that people do selflessly, serving God in Tittensor.