Church of England Diocese of Lichfield St. Luke, Tittensor

Piano pain - new sound system - old rickety piano

27 Aug 2020, 1 p.m.
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Covid-19 closed the church just as the old piano was about to fail.  Now we have a new hi-fi sound system and matching high definition large screen projector but the old piano is still having to creak along!

St Luke's Church, Tittensor regularly features live music, whether in worship or during special events such as baptisms. weddings and funerals.  Sometimes this is on the pipe organ but on many occasions a piano is more suitable, particularly for accompanying solo singers.

The twenty years-old digital piano failed in autumn 2019.  After several repairs, parts had become unobtainable and repair costs had shot up.  An old digital keyboard was drafted in to provide a replacement but this too is now failing.

If live music and a full range of songs and hymns are to continue, a new piano is needed.  The decision has been made to seek a new digital piano with a long warranty.  There is only one problem:

Pianos offer great value for money since they last so long but are not cheap to buy.  The cost may be nearly £2000.

We would like to get back to using a piano as well as the pipe organ and recorded music.  Music, singing and dancing (!) have long been part of worship.  Fundraising ideas (and contributions!) are welcome as we look for a new instrument before the old one fails completely.