About Us

The Parish of Trent Vale was formed from the Parish of Stoke-upon-Trent, and the church was built in the early Gothic style. The original church was built in the shape of a cross and it has one bell which is dated 1842, two years before its actual consecration on Monday the 15th April 1844 by the then Bishop of Lichfield, Bishop Lonsdale. There were 800 people in the parish in 1844 and the church was built to accommodate 214 worshippers.

Due to an increase in the population in the area the church was enlarged and reconsecrated in 1910 to accommodate about 450. Please look at the history booklets that have been produced for more details on the church building.

In the early part of 2012 the church underwent a major refurbishment to bring its facilities more in line with the expectations and demands of our local community. The interior of the church now offers a flexible environment in which a variety of worship and community activities can be catered for.