About Us

In 1994 St George's Anglican Church united with Rodington Methodist Church to form a Local Ecumenical Partnership. The worship offered reflects both denominations.

At Rodington LEP we offer a lively pattern of modern and traditinal services and we welcome visitors. Visitors of all denominations are welcome to receive and share fully in communion.
It is not known how long there has been a village at Rodington. The name is English, meaning the settlement of the people by the River Roden, and English people began to move into the area in the 8th century, although there may have been a settlement before that.

The first church was probably built of wood and then replaced with a stone one before the Norman Conquest around 1066.

As you enter the church you will see an area of exposed stonework on the wall opposite the door which shows part of the original wall. The original stonewaork is probably 1000 years old since Rodington is described in the Domesday Book as having a church.

The chancel was built in 1843, and eight years later, in 1851, the stone walls were covered in brick and the north aisle was built. The church would then have appeared much as it is now.