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Getting here

About us

St Luke's is a modern building on Aylsham Road, Norwich.  We have two main meetings on a Sunday, 10.30am and once a month 6.30pm.  The building is available for hire and has great facilities, including kitchens, meeting rooms and PA and loop system.  For booking information, please contact Karen and Martin Wimhurst on [email protected] or [email protected].

Sunday Morning - 10.30am

Our Sunday morning congregation at St Luke's is a relaxed and inclusive church for people of all ages in an open evangelical tradition. On any given Sunday there could be anything from 40-60 people at one of our services.

We have a worship band that leads us in singing, with words projected on screen.

There is always a sermon, as well as readings and liturgy led from the front.
The atmosphere is informal with the emphasis being on connecting with God and each other,
Every other week there is a Communion service. All Age service is sometimes on the 5th Sunday of the month.

Children's Groups
We seek to provide a programme for children that comprises:
4-9 group (infant/junior school age)
10+ group 
These groups meet Sundays, except where there is a 'Family Service' (5th Sunday of the month) when everyone comes together for the service.

We try not to let the 'trappings of church' get in the way.  Having God in our lives is the most important thing to us. If you are interested in exploring what it means to have God at the centre of your life, and are willing to let your guide be Jesus Christ and his teaching, then we may be the place for you. Our relatively new building provides a flexible space for worship and are keen to sense where the Holy Spirit is leading us next. Our worship is developing and we are gathering ourselves together to move forward.

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C3 - 2nd Sunday of month - 6.30pm  

The Christ Consciousness Community was established in 2013 under the leadership of Rev Nicholas Vesey the previous vicar at the parish.  One of the recurring conclusions that has emerged from his Developing Consciousness course is that there seems to be a demand for a form of Christian worship that expresses the wisdom of Jesus in a way that is more appropriate to contemporary Spirituality.   

Closely linked to this is a strong desire for a sense of belonging and community; where a group share and journey together and are not simply ‘consumers’ of whatever religious services are on offer. These are people for whom "Community means a group of individuals who have learned to communicate honestly with each other, whose relationship goes deeper than their masks of composure and have developed some significant commitment to rejoice together, mourn together, delight in each other and think of each other as we think of ourselves." M. Scott Peck

Each month 15 people meet drawn from a wide geographical area with the following aims:

To facilitate the emergence of the activating wisdom of Christ within us, and to act upon that wisdom, sharing it and living by it as individuals  and as a community. To welcome others into our community and to provide a safe place for them to communicate their truth. To encourage spiritual practice as a way of personal and corporate transformation. To be more than consumers: to be people who are committed to giving and receiving in all aspects of life.

The Community is founded on the basis that, both individually and corporately, we become more whole though our openness to each other.   The focal point of the Community is the weekly Christ Consciousness Communions at St. Luke’s at 18:30 on 2nd Sunday of each month. These are planned and led by members of the community. Other opportunities to worship and learning experiences are also envisaged, as well as a commitment to living out our relationship with the wider community, as and when we are led so to do.

To find out more about the background and vision of C3 please visit our website

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61 Aylsham Rd

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