About Us

Our foundational beliefs centre on the ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the power he has to transform the lives of those who seek him through the outworking of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Above all we seek to express our faith in practical outreach to our local community.

We are a strong faith community who have over many years accommodated a broad range of theological stances and worship styles while remaining steadfastly faithful to the biblical basis of our faith. We believe that this diversity is our strength and means that we are able to offer a welcome to the broadest range of people regardless of their background. We are a congregation drawing on the word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit to deepen the faith of us all.

St Elisabeth’s Church is situated on Victoria Drive in the Old Town area of Eastbourne. The original church was constructed in 1935 but following ongoing structural problems with the building the church moved to the next-door building which was built as the church hall. This move was completed in 2002. Since that time the current church building has been extensively refurbished to provide a light modern venue for the congregation of St Elisabeth’s to worship in and the community to use.

Throughout the last 18 years the building has been developed to provide an extensive suite of rooms and these have been made available, together with the versatile main worship area, for use by a wide range of community groups.

In the latter part of 2020, the original church building was demolished to release the land for further development and although definite plans for the future of the site are to be established it is hoped this will be used for the benefit of the local community.