About Us

Holy Trinity Ebernoe

Holy Trinity Church can be found in the small rural village of Ebernoe. It is a picturesque church dating back to the 1800s.

We are a joint benefice with St. Michael's And All Angels Church, Northchapel and therefore share our priest-in-charge. Our Sunday services are typically held twice a month and we are always very welcoming to any who wish to join us.

District Events Our Church History

In 1865 Mr W Peachy, of Ebernoe House, was anxious to collate support to build a church in the area. The closest church at the time was in Kirdford which was too far for many to attend. He conveyed a plot of land over to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners along with a a right of way over his land so that parishioners would have permanent access to the church. It is this piece of land that the church now stands today. On the 19th August Mrs Peachy cermoniously placed the first foundation stone whichc can be seen in the North wall of the Chancel. The building of the church was completed in 1867 and on 1st September 1868 The bishop of Chichester consecrated the church.

Ebernoe became it's own separate parish in 1875 after previously being in joint parish with Kirdford. However in 1926 at a PCC meeting a proposal was reported by Rev G Standish of a union between the Parishes of Ebernoe and Northchapel which would then lead to the selling of Ebernoe Vicarage. Understandably the entire PCC was opposed to this proposal but in 1928 the proposal was authorised and Ebernoe become a joint Parish with Northchapel.

Stained Glass Windows

When the church was origanally built the windows were made of a simple clear galssed, diamond pane. However in 1914 an anonymous donor presented the church with stained glass windows. In 1940 the majority of these original stained glass windows were removed and replaced; the only original windows that remain are those in the west wall and the window above the altar. </span>


The first mention of an organ was in 1890 when the then incumbent, Rev E S W Watson appealed to the local population for donations towards the purchase of an organ and other improvements. Then in 1917 Captain Robert Penfold left the sum of £230 specifically for the purchase of a new organ. The organ that was purhsed was in fact designed to be a house organ and was placed at the North side of the Chancel.In 1940 it was then moved to the present position in which it stand today.


In the early 1920s the church had a regular choir who would sing on a regular basis. It consisted of ten boys, five women and five men. However at an unknown time the choir ceased to sing on a regular basis. In 1955 a group of loacl praishioners nd others from neighbouring parishes formed a church choir to perform specifically for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at Christmas. They meet in the autumn for weekly rehearsals and perform every year on the Sunday before Christmas. This tradition still remains today and is always a very well attended occasion.

'The Time We Made it into the News'

In 1996 a Digital Hymnal was purchased for use by the church when there was not an organist available to provide the music. This purchase became such an interest locally, nationally and internationally that the church featured on both BBC and Meridian TV News. It also made it in to virtually all the national press and one of the Church Wardens at the time was invited to give five radio broadcast and afterwards received forty enquiries about the Digital Hymnal from UK churches and a few enquiries from overseas.