About Us

We are a traditional broad Anglican church that meet every Sunday at 9.15am for worship.  Rooted in our local community, we are a typical village church, but we offer a warm welcome to all who wish to join us whether just for the day or a life journey. 

We cherish the best of Anglican tradition and unstuffy reverence in our services.  We are committed to thinking and learning, treasuring the freedom to search for truth together, recognising that God reveals himself in many different ways. 

We are part of the Parish of Frant with Eridge set in a beautiful rural part of East Sussex. Eridge is the smaller village and somewhat more dispersed across the countryside, but we somehow remain a cohesive and loving community in spite of the geography. 

Our listed church building is a place of discreet beauty and peace, and is open for prayer and contemplation most days. 

If you have read this far, we encourage you to click on the link to our website, which will give you much more information.