About Us

The church of St John the Baptist, Findon, founded in the 11th Century, is set apart from the village.  It can be found just off the A24 - south of the Findon roundabout - next to Findon Place at the foot of Church Hill. It’s of a good size and its mixture of new pews and chairs can easily accommodate a couple of hundred people. Recent fundraising has enabled a kitchenette and toilet to be built, providing much-needed modern facilities.  Services are: First Sunday of month 8.00am Eucharist (and 10.00am Family Service in Findon Village Hall); Second Sunday 9.30am Sung Eucharist; Third Sunday 8.00am Eucharist & 9.30am Family Communion; Fourth Sunday 9.30am Sung Eucharist.  On Fifth Sundays the Sung Eucharist is taken in turns by Findon Church at 9.30am, or Clapham & Patching churches at 10.00am.  There is also a 10.00am Eucharist every Tuesday morning and a morning prayer service at 9am at Findon Church on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.