About Us

Thank you for your interest in St Mary's Church, Fittleworth. Visit our website for the latest information and news: www.stmarysfittleworth.co.uk. 

We are a family-friendly, inclusive and 'central' church, engaged in the life and work of our beautiful village, including Fittleworth CE Village School (https://www.fittleworthschool.org.uk/) and the Fittleworth Stores (http://www.fittleworthstores.co.uk/).

St Mary's offers a warm welcome to visitors. We meet each Sunday at 9.30am and our normal monthly pattern of worship is as follows:

First Sunday: 8.00am Said Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion Service and 9.30am Family Service (non-eucharistic).

Other Sundays: 9.30am Parish Communion service, with SM@SH junior church.

We have no choir or organist, but sing a combination of traditional hymns to organ accompaniments and guitar-led worship songs.