About Us

St Richard's Church and Community Centre is managed by the Knoll Community Association and is a busy, thriving centre for local community action groups and projects such as the Hangleton and Knoll Community Action Group and the Hangleton and Knoll Project. Church services are held in the church on Sundays, Wednesdays and special days such as Christmas and St Richard's day. Both church and community centre work together to welcome and serve the local community of Knoll and Hangleton.

St Richard's exists to share the love of God in Christ, and to make known the Gospel message of love, peace and reconcilaition to all. Along with its sister church of St Helen, St Richard's works to welcome all people of all races, religions, and sexual orientation.  We welcome all people in same sex relationships. As individuals within a Christian community we believe it is important to be sensitive and caring toward those whose views may differ from our own. Christ is at the centre holding us together as a church community, not our individual personal opinions or feelings. We must care for one another as He cares for us.