About Us

Heathfield Benefice was formed in 2016, when two Parishes; the Parish of St Richards, which covered the vast majority of the town of Heathfield, and the Parish of All Saints’ & St Georges which included the villages of Old Heathfield, Broad Oak, Cade Street, Chapel Cross and a large part of Punnetts Town came together. In 2022 the two parishes joined to form one as the Parish of Heathfield.

In 2017 Reverend Mitch joined us as our Vicar to lead the Benefice in to a new phase of togetherness and after departing for ventures new in April 2023 we are now in vacancy but continue to work, prayer and worship together to offer services, activities and support to all in our community as we await the appointment of a new vicar to take us forward.

What are we like?

We are a church family that is made up of people from very different and varied church backgrounds. We try hard to make new people feel welcome, and to care for one another with love and kindness. We don’t always get things right and we don’t have all the answers, but we do try to be faithful Christians, living lives in our local community that reflect the teachings of Jesus.

We would love to welcome you!

To find out more please see our website: www.heathfieldbenefice.org.uk