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All who know the downland church of St Michael regard it as special. There is some debate about its exact age, but it dates from either the 12th or early 13th century. Little has changed since then. Set in a large churchyard surrounded by fields and approached down a farm track, this simple double cell building invites travellers to rest for a while and share its peace.

Without electricity or water, St Michael’s is mostly used for twice-monthly Evensong during the summer months and for special services at other times. However, it is also regularly visited by groups and individuals for private worship. St Michael’s isolation kept away improvers and restorers, and it was proposed in the middle of the twentieth century that the church should be closed. This galvanized into action those who loved it, and the Friends of St Michael’s was formed. An extensive programme of sensitive restoration work, funded by the Friends, has been undertaken, during which rare thirteenth century wall paintings were uncovered and preserved.

This church is one of the Celebrity favourite churches selected by the National Churches Trust.

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