Special Needs

We are very blessed to have amongst our church family, children, young people and adults who have special needs.

We firmly believe that, whatever a person's ability, they should be free to engage with God, worship him and play their part within our church community in a way that is right for them. Please, therefore, do not be surprised if you find people singing hymns using Makaton sign-language or children wearing what appear to be earphones (actually ear-defenders) or playing on their Nintendo DS during the service.

One of the greatest benefits we have found is that as we have sought to enable people with special needs to engage with God their way, they have helped each of us to realise that it is OK for each of us to be who we are and to engage with God our way.

Currently we do not lay on a separate service for people with special needs but seek to provide ways, in which people with special needs can feel integrated into the service.

If you have special needs or care for a person with special needs please contact us so that we can find out what we can put in place to support you. We cannot promise that we will always get it right but we will try our best.