About Us

Welcome to our wonderful church - The Church Of St. Mary The Virgin, Northrepps, North Norfolk.

There was a church on the present site long before 1066 and this building retains many 15th century characteristics. The font and some of the benches are 15th century. The Rood Screen is 15th century and was moved to its present position in 1911 following its discovery in a local barn. Church Registers date from the mid 16th century and the Altar Table is 17th century. The Tower is 90 feet high and there are eight bells within the tower, <span style="font-size: 1rem;">two of which date from the early 17th century. 20th century additions include the Tower Screen, and the majority of the kneelers were worked by parishioners during the late 1990's. The Memorial Garden is reserved for the burial of ashes and other parts of the churchyard are managed as wildlife areas and include the addition of an owl nest box.</span>

The church is open daily.

We also have numerous and fascinating walks around our parish.