Church of England Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham Retford Saint Saviour

Life Events

Although we have begun to re-open for covid-secure worship, due to social distancing our seating capacity is limited. This means we are not able to host baptisms or thanksgiving services at this time. If you are planning an event though do get in touch with us, we will work with you to plan a service once it is safe to do so.

Weddings are currently allowed with up to 15 people. 

Funerals are currently allowed a maximum attendance of 30 people. Anyone attending must wear a mask and observe social distancing. Those who are clinically vulnerable should think carefully about whether or not to attend. 

Welcoming children

The arrival of a new baby is really special and it’s great to take time to celebrate and thank God. Jesus loved to welcome little children and at St Saviour’s we want all ages to feel at home. There are different reasons why families may want to celebrate new life at St Saviour’s and two different options for how you can do this. Baptism and Thanksgiving & Blessing. Both options involve having godparents or sponsors and are a great way to involve friends, family and God in a new arrival.

Baptism (Christening)

This is a short ceremony involving water where the parents make promises on behalf of their child. The promises involve saying:

Jesus is the most important person in your life, you follow him, and want your child to do the same

You come to church regularly, as a family

You read the Bible and pray to help you live life Jesus’ way

Baptism is for committed Christians. It takes place in our morning service and because of the promises involved we offer preparation sessions beforehand (usually three), which are a relaxed way to ask questions and understand the promises.

If you’d like to find out more, the first step is to come along to our Sunday morning service and speak to one of ministers afterwards.

Thanksgiving and Blessing

During this service we celebrate and say thank you to God for your child, it also includes a naming ceremony. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends as well as introduce your child to church. During the service you don’t make any promises about what you believe or about coming to church, so this is a great service for people who might not come to church regularly, or aren’t sure what they think about God.

If you’d like to find out more, the first step is to come along to our Sunday morning service and speak to one of ministers afterwards.


Congratulations! Weddings are a special occasion to celebrate God’s gift of love and begin married life together. For all wedding enquiries please contact us.


We are very sorry for your loss and are here to offer help and support at this difficult time. In the first instance it is best to contact a local funeral director, who can then refer you to us, but if we can be of any help please contact us.