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Getting here

The village of Castlethorpe is situated to the North East of Milton Keynes on the edge of the River Tove and boasts a population of 1,000. There have been a number of small housing developments in the last 20 years but the character of the village has been retained and there is room for limited expansion in the future. There is a mixed population with many young families as well as housing for retired and elderly people. The facilities in the village include a First School, a General Store & Post Office and a Village Hall  A well equipped sports ground has been completed which includes a cricket and football pitch and a hard court area for tennis, football and basketball.

The village of Castlethorpe takes its date from pre Roman times and was originally a forested area. The Castle, which gives the village its name was built in Saxon times. Nothing now remains of the Castle excepting some earthworks including the moat and outer bailey.

The Church and Churchyard

The Church of St Simon and St Jude stands in an elevated position in the centre of the village within the confines of the castle. The Church was originally Anglo-Saxon but what remains now is predominately Norman. It is comparatively small in size measuring 14 metres North to South and 24 metres East to West. The tower stands 12.5 metres. It used to be considerably higher than this, but it fell down in 1729. Some of the bells were sold to rebuild the tower, thus only one bell now remains. Within the church there is a large memorial to the Tyrell family as well as the gravestone of Sir Francis Drake's grandson.

The church has not been altered for many years, excepting the removal of the pews to help facilitate the flower festival and other church activities.

North Street
MK19 7EW

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