About Us

St Thomas' Church was consecrated on 7th July 1852 and has been open for worship ever since. 

Our Mission Statement is:-

We are here to provide a place of worship and celebration before God and to serve Christ in the Community.' 

Consolidation is key for our vision for 2022 -2023

1.     Nurture

2.     Pastoral Care

3.     Young people and children

4.     Communication

5.     Prayer and worship

6.     Stewardship

7.    Lay Leadership

For services, special services and parish events please see the calendar or our Facebook page

We welcome you to stay for refreshments afterwards.

The church is often open for private prayer during the week.  It can also be opened at other times by special arrangement. To confirm opening or to make special arrangements please contact Janet Morgan on 07952 693188 or David Shields on 07513 883412. 

Our vicar is the Fr. Darcy Chesterfield Terry.  He is also the vicar of St. Mary's Parish Church, Datchet.

For Weddings, Funerals and Baptism please telephone 01753 580467 
Email: [email protected]

Our Church Wardens are:-

David Shields - 07513 883412 - email: [email protected]

Vineeta Roberts - 078240772626 - email: [email protected]