About Us

We seek to to put the church at the hub of the community. To achieve this we:

Recognise the ways in which people are looking for answers to the fundamental questions of life and how we may best discover the answers together as friends on a journey. Expressions of this may be traditional or fresh expressions. Through St. Barnabas Church and Parish Centre we provide a friendly environment where people can meet. We seek to create an accessible and living community every day of the week where people can find God in every aspect of their lives.

The present church, a bright naturally-lit brick building with modern furnishing, was consecrated in 1929 and provides a warm and friendly atmosphere with a diverse and welcoming congregation.

Find out more from our website: www.sainbarnabas.org.uk

Vicar: The Revd Kevin Lovell

Photo: Clive Ormonde © MAP READING