Hawridge: St Mary

St Mary's Hawridge is a small village church in the Chilterns.  Hawridge (pronounced Harridge), and its  close neighbours, Cholesbury, Heath End, Buckland Common and St Leonards, call themselves the "Hilltop Villages".

These villages are rural places, and Hawridge has a fine Common.  You will see walkers and riders and cyclists throughout, although few residents now work in the villages.  The Church community is obviously an important part of the wider village life.

There are regular Pairsh Communion services at St. Mary's Church, Hawridge, which from May 2022 will be once a month on the third Sunday of th month at 11.00 AM.  Regular worship is offered accross the churches of the Benefice at St. Lawrence Church, Cholesbury and St. Leonard's Church, St. Leonards.

Weddings, Baptisms and funerals are all hosted at St. Mary's Church and their is an open graveyard.

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