Christ Church and St John, Clapham

Welcome to Christ Church and St John Clapham. We are an inclusive parish and a community made up from many nationalities and diverse backgrounds.

There are services in the parish every day Sunday to Thursday (please see service times on the respective church page, or our website for times and locations). 

We are proud to be located in one of the most varied, colourful and vibrant communities in the whole of London, among the broadest spectrum of God’s People. We reflect the local area by having a lively, outward-looking focus whilst offering all the traditional services and activities you would expect from your Parish church.

Serving you and everyone in our community is our goal. So you can access a very wide range of activities, including outreach and befriending for senior citizens, support for refugees and asylum seekers, early years sessional care and much more that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Whether you’re looking for specific information on Baptism, weddings or funerals, or just want to discover more about your church, please come along to Christ Church on Sunday at 11.00 am.

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