Church of England Diocese of Oxford Newton Longville

Recycled candles

18 Feb 2020, 9 a.m.

As a church we get through a lot of candles. There are the candles we use during normal Sunday services, and the special candles we use during special seasons. Especially at Christmas we get through roughly 400 tealights when we fill the church with candle light. What happens to the remains of all these candles?

For many years we've been collecting the leftover wax and melting it down and we've now started making our own candles which we are selling in aid of church funds. Come into church and look at the display. Feel free to take candles and leave a donation in the box just inside the door. There are many sizes, all the way up from floating tea-light sized ones to giant pillar candles. Some are scented with essential oils. Come and look.