Church and furnishings

The present church building, at the corner of Wordsworth Avenue and Wheata Place, was designed by Basil Spence, the architect of Coventry Cathedral. It is listed as Grade 2*. Spence had also been responsible for near-by Colley Secondary School (soon to be demolished).

The church was consecrated on the Eve of the Conversion of St Paul, January 24, 1959.

Most of the furnishings are original, and subsequent additions have been designed to follow the Spence designs.

The altar ornaments were the personal gift of Basil Spence. The green frontal is by Beryl Dean, to a design of Anthony Blee.

The organ is by Conacher: it came from a Methodist Church in Hoyland, which closed in 1961. It was cleaned and reconstructed by a team of volunteers. The acoustics of the church are excellent, and all the voices of the organ are effective.

A fault in the original structural design of the roof meant that it had to be completely replaced. This work was completed at a cost of some £75000 in 1994. The roof appears to be unchanged, but the whole structure is now secure.