About Us

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St Cedds is a small church in the suburbs of Barkingside.

Opened just before the start of the Second World War, this dual purpose building is used as a centre for many varied events during the week, and then is transformed into a place of worship for our Sunday morning services. We are part of a Mission and Ministry Unit (MMU). a group of churches working together. This group of churches is located in various parts of Redbridge.

We are also part of the New Wine network of churches who are working together to change the nation through Leaders, National Gatherings, training events and resources.

New Wine vision

The New Wine vision is to see the nation changed through Christians experiencing the joy of worshipping God, the freedom of following Jesus and the power of being filled with the Spirit.

To see churches renewed, strengthened and planted, living out the word of God in every aspect of life, serving God by reaching the lost, broken and poor, and demonstrating the good news of the Kingdom of God to all.