About Us

There’s been a worshipping community of St. Mark's since 1886. From a cowshed on Tylney Road to our current church building on Lorne Road, each generation has added to the story of worshipping God and putting God’s love at the heart of our community.

The past four years have been really significant for us as a church. Since 2020, God has spoken to us about a new vision and direction for St Mark’s. We’ve been through some uncertain and testing times along the way, but God has proved ever-faithful and we are beginning to see the fruit of this new season as numbers increase, new ministries emerge and the Spirit moves in ever-greater power.

It’s an exciting time to be at St Mark’s because of the good things God is doing and because of the confidence we have of even better things to come.

St Mark’s has a wonderful tradition of having an annual motto – a word which we believe has been inspired by God for the coming year. We launch it at the beginning of January and it serves as a point of reference throughout the year to help ensure that we continue on the path God has called us to follow.

Our motto for 2024 is a condensed version of Deuteronomy 30:16 - ‘Love the Lord your God, walk in obedience to Him and He will bless you in the land you are entering to possess.’

As we grow both numerically and spiritually, we are learning what it means to cultivate intimacy with God and to follow faithfully in the way He leads so that we might also flourish in the place He has called us to.