About Us

The parish of St. Christopher’s, Willingale is a
fairly small rural village and has a population of
approximately 483. The main part of the village
is clustered around two churches with the
remainder of the properties in groups, scattered
over a wide area.


The two churches in one churchyard.
Whilst not unique, two churches in one churchyard
is a rarity. St. Andrew’s church which is in the
care of the Churches Conservation Trust
(http://www.visitchurches.org.uk/) was built
before 1130 AD. The church of St. Christopher’ is
now used for all regular worship and dates from
around 1360AD but there is evidence in legal
papers that a wooden Saxon church was previously
on the site. The existing building has been
‘improved’ by succeeding generations from the 14th
century to the Victorian age. More recently the the bells were restored and augmented to six, the exterior masonry and roofs have been restored, a disabled toilet and kitchen installed and the interior redecorated.  We have a bright and vibrant church fit for the 21st century in a 14th century building.
by volunteers within the community.


Eucharist services follow the Common Worship
format.  Once a month a Family Service is held which is led
by either the Incumbent or a lay person from
within the church family. This service is of an
informal nature and is designed to encourage more
families with children to join the regular
congregation. A service of Evening Prayer is held on the third Sunday in the month is a service of reflection.

At the main festivals of Christmas,
Easter and Harvest members of the wider community
are invited to take part as readers etc.