About Us

A friendly diverse congregation which makes up a modern and forward looking church.

The imposing 1930s concrete exterior contrasts amazingly with the inside. Old and young alike who come in for the first time, just stop and say 'Wow!' as they gaze up at the east window, long blazes of brilliant blue and turquoise stained glass, with purple, red and gold highlights, and a huge concrete statue of Christ holding the world in the palm of one hand and blessing it with the other.

It isn't just the physical impact of the church that touches people. There is something else: a sense of peace and tranquillity.

We welcome you as a visitor, as a worshipper, as a friend, a seeker.

The message here is simple: actions speak louder than words, and the abiding principle in this church is love, not a set of rules and regulations that simply says no.