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Getting here

Saint Augustine’s is a very special church. We come from many different church traditions and we are part of both the Church of England and the Methodist Church. As a result you will find variety in worship and an openness to different viewpoints. The church is shared with the Roman Catholic Community and our two congregations share activities together.

We believe that at the heart of the Christian message is the revelation of God’s love in human form in the person of Jesus. That love is for all of us. It doesn’t depend on who we are, where we are from or what we believe. We believe that God’s love can be found in a multitude of places and it certainly is too big for any one denomination or even religion to think it has a monopoly on God’s love. Ours certainly isn’t a “we are right so everyone else must be wrong” kind of church.

We are deeply rooted in the great privilege and joy that comes from the relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ which is the great gift of the Christian faith.

We are what is called an “Ecumenical Partnership”. Being ecumenical means that different Christian denominations join together at St Augustine’s, which we think is exactly how it should be. Being a partnership means that we work together, valuing everyone’s contribution, respecting everyone’s viewpoint and enjoying the different traditions and perspectives that come from our roots in the Church of England, Methodist Church and the free churches.

Our services begin at 10:45am on Sunday mornings and they reflect our commitment to inclusion which means that everyone is welcome regardless of gender, sexual orientation, health or disability, ethnicity or background. We believe that God’s love is for all.

New Bowers Way, North Springfield

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