About Us

Hopefully you have already discovered in person the warm and open welcome that’s on offer at both St Saviour’s and St Paul’s churches. If not, I’m sure that you will – whichever church and whichever service you come to, whether you are young or old, whatever your background, or current circumstances.

As you can see from this site, we have a wide range of services, events, and activities, on Sundays and throughout the week. They are attended by all sorts of people, of all ages, most of whom live fairly locally. All of them are Bible-based, and are aimed at helping us to grow in living and sharing the Good News about Jesus.

Both churches are continuing to grow, both in numbers and in faith. We still very much want to keep the feel of being like a big family that has plenty of room for new members, though. So we’d love to welcome you to join in with what God is doing, and to see you too find a home and a place to grow here.

As a Parish we are closely linked to St Saviour’s Primary School. Both churches are attended by many children and young people, from that school and others. They are as important a part of our life together as everyone else, from the youngest to the oldest. That’s reflected both in what we do, and in how we do it.

Each church has its own distinct range of flavours, traditions and adventures. We are united in our Aim, though, and all our staff work across both churches to try to implement it. Come along and meet us some time, and find out for yourself what your local church is like! You are very welcome.